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    USDA hemp regulations
    THC limit
    .3% equals Delta 9 THC +( THCA X .877)
    Too restrictive
    .3% Delta 9 was an arbitrary amount
    Small and Cronquist .1976
    Small, Ernest and Arthur Cronquist 1976
    Practical and Natural Taxonomy for Cannabis
    Taxon 25: 4 (405 – 35)
    Recommend delta-9 THC limit of . 3%
    A separate THC limit of .65%
    Disciplinary action limit of 1%
    This is to promote and enhance terpene production
    Terpenes are highly beneficial as well as allowing maximum Aroma and flavor
    USDA proposed limits could potentially reduce hemp quality by 50%
    Sample testing
    Proposed procedure is highly discriminative and inaccurate
    Skewed toward the most potent parts of the plant
    CBD /THC content varies widely from top to bottom of plants and from flowers, leaves, and stems
    I propose a broader sample method to achieve a more accurate sampling of what exists in the plant
    This accomplishes a better average of the variations of cannabinoids existing within the plant
    I suggest a 2-inch sample of the tips, from top ,middle ,and bottom branches
    Each sample should use all of the parts leaves, stems, and flowers
    This will provide a more accurate test result
    Harvest period
    A 15-day Harvest window following testing is too short most state agencies don’t have enough resources to complete this requirement it will restrict the quality of the final product
    I believe these recommendations to be the fairest way to achieve a stable and fair market system who’s the best possible crop
    It is my greatest hope that you will give this serious consideration
    Thank you

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