Vermont Certified Organic Flower for sale.

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    dwight fortenberry

    Varieties; Lifter & Suver Haze Most at 12%CBD

    Hand Trimmed Kolas – Large Top Flower Bud
    Now available #75, up to #500 with lead time

    Machine Trimmed Flower Buds
    Now Available #40, up to #500 with lead time

    Hand Bucked Buds – not many fan leaves
    Now available #200, up to 800 with lead time

    Machine Bucked Flowers – with fan leaves #100

    Nice Biomass – # 200 available now

    dwight fortenberry

    Call 802-272-1892

    Gary Batchelor


    Sorry if this is off-topic. I am new to this subscription.

    I am a new chemicals wholesaler and I have a line on 95% Ethanol (denatured with Heptane) at very competitive pricing. Please call me if you need Ethanol (or other chemicals) or know others who could benefit.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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