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    Lisa Laskowski


    This post hopes to establish an outlet for Wisconsin CBD Hemp growers to sell their plant material. We have a processing facility capable of turning CBD hemp flowers into high-value CBD oil. Without getting your flower into oil, you are leaving money on the table! We have numerous outlets to sell the oil so many types of agreements are available for you to consider.

    Additionally, we have an HPLC machine at our facility which can measure various cannabinoid (THC, CBD, etc) concentrations. This tool makes sure your plants don’t go “hot” and ensures that you’re harvesting when the plant is producing the most amount of CBD. More CBD = more valuable.

    Please reach out if you’re interested in either of these services or would just like to talk WI hemp in general.

    Best regards,



    Tim Voigt


    I am the owner of a hemp consulting business based out of Wisconsin. I am currently looking to partner with a processing facility. At the moment I am working with 5 clients based out of southern Wisconsin. I would love to discuss prices and products available through your company.


    Tim Voigt
    SweetTrees LLC

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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