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    Ken Fanta

    Hi Yia,

    Glad to know I am not the only new person on the block…

    Thank you for that link it. The list they give is not an easy follow or read. Also some of the licensed seed sellers they list no longer have valid website. One I had been looking at was Oregon CBD however I am looking to only start out with 2 acres and their minumum order is 5,000 seeds. I have found a few other seed sellers and based on what I am reading I will likely need to get them certified. I am not sure what the line means:

    Certified Seed Recommendation
    While the law does not require that you plant seed that has actually been certified (the above lists include varieties eligible to be certified), we highly recommend that you do so. Certified seed is more likely to produce a crop that meets the THC limit, and many markets demand hemp grown from certified seed. It will also provide legal protection; if you plant certified seed, you will not be prosecuted under Wisconsin law if your crop exceeds the THC limit.

    Can I ask where you are located..if you want to share. I would like to get a chance to talk with other farmers in WI.



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