The hemp plant is one that has been widely used for centuries. Dating back thousands of years, ancient communities frequently turned to the hemp plant for everything from rope to clothing and even paper. Now, we’re branching into the world of hemp cosmetics.

Recently, hemp cosmetics have exploded in popularity, with people everywhere wanting to get their hands on hemp-infused lotions, foundations, or shampoos. At the same time, this has left many wondering: what are hemp cosmetics, and why use them?

What are Hemp Cosmetics?

 Let’s start by defining hemp cosmetics, first. Hemp cosmetics are just as they sound: cosmetic products that have been infused with hemp extract or hemp seed oil. Typically, these cosmetics tend to be things like lip balms and creams where the substance is directly applied to the skin and rubbed in.

Hemp cosmetics are made just like your everyday cosmetics; the only difference is that hemp is the main ingredient. The US government federally legalized hemp for cultivation back in 2018, and this has allowed many popular cosmetic companies to experiment in the world of hemp products legally and safely. Nowadays, you can find hemp-infused beauty products in stores across the country.

These types of cosmetics are frequently focused on all organic ingredients, and often are vegan or cruelty-free. While this does depend on the brand, hemp cosmetics tend to embrace the all-natural aesthetic.

Hemp vs. CBD Cosmetics

 There is a huge misconception that hemp cosmetics are the same thing as CBD cosmetics. This could not be further from the truth! CBD is a cannabinoid that derives from the cannabis plant in general, both from hemp and marijuana. When you see CBD-infused cosmetics, these are products that contain CBD extract typically derived from the hemp plant for legality purposes.

Hemp cosmetics, then, are made from the oils of the seeds from the hemp plant, not from a chemical compound. Hemp seed oil has different benefits than CBD does, making the products quite different. Again, hemp cosmetics are made from seeds from the hemp plant, while CBD cosmetics are made from a cannabinoid extract produced by the hemp plant.

Usually, hemp cosmetics are going to be more widely available than CBD cosmetics, as CBD is regulated differently across the country, unlike hemp. That being said, you can safely travel with your hemp cosmetics, or even find them in a store within a different state. As the months progress and hemp continues to become more commonplace, you’ll probably start to notice these products stocking the shelves more and more.

Why Turn to Hemp?

As popularity continues to grow, consumers are beginning to wonder about the benefits behind hemp, and why it is so frequently used. People turn to hemp cosmetics for a myriad of personal reasons. Back in ancient times, hemp was widely utilized because of its versatility and strength. Now, we’re seeing these attributes firsthand, alongside health benefits and effects on the environment.

As research continues, we’re seeing that hemp might have some incredible benefits for the skin. In general, hemp naturally reduces inflammation; on the skin, this results in reduced redness and less inflamed acne. This is because hemp contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-3 fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties that help promote new, healthy skin regeneration. This isn’t the only healthy ingredient that hemp contains, either.

Hemp seed oil, in general, is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are great for the skin when applied. Rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, this ingredient is like a superhero within your cosmetic products. During a time where so many products are filled with complicated chemicals and artificial ingredients, having an all-natural, healthy option like hemp is like a breath of fresh air. For anyone looking for more eco-friendly, close-to-nature cosmetic options, hemp ones are ideal.

Along with the benefits for your skin, hemp cosmetics provide benefits to our planet, too. The growth of hemp itself can benefit the environment, as it is easily and abundantly grown with little water use. As it is grown, it gives back to the environment, putting nutrients back into the soil and cleansing the air from carbon dioxide at rates much higher than your typical tree.

The Most Popular Types of Hemp Cosmetics

 You’ll find a lot of different hemp cosmetics on the market, but there are a few that are much more popular than others. Hemp-infused moisturizers, for example, are widely popular within the cosmetic industry. These moisturizers tend to have a refreshing, herbal scent that feels wonderfully soothing on the skin.

Along with moisturizers, hemp-infused lip balms and lotions are also gaining popularity within the beauty world. With the amount of repairing properties that hemp contains, applying it to places like your chapped lips or dry skin only makes sense. Plus, with hemp’s natural nourishing elements, these products help your skin feel much better than before.

These products are only the start! From hemp-infused bath bombs to conditioners to body oils, you can find hemp infused into practically all of your favorite cosmetics. You just have to keep an eye out.

Blending Beauty With Hemp

 In this day and age, blending beauty with hemp goes hand-in-hand. As a plant that’s given us incredible benefits and uses for thousands of years, it only makes sense to embrace it within our topical products, too. Though the idea of having hemp added to your cosmetics might be a little foreign to you at first, this concept is one that will only gain popularity as the years go by.

So, add a little bit of hemp to your beauty routine and see what kind of benefits you experience from these special types of infused products. 

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Mell Green – NHA Volunteer Writer