Hemp-Infused Beauty Products Enjoy Ever-Increasing Popularity
CBD-infused beauty products have become so popular in the USA that it is being treated as a standalone category by Wall Street analysts. Since hemp-derived CBD became the trendiest beauty and wellness ingredient, it has been infused into a plethora of lotions, serums, and hair care products. Earlier this year beauty giant Sephora made the headlines with their curated selection of CBD-infused products from renowned brands such as Kiehl’s, Estee Lauder, and e.l.f. Beauty.

Meet some of the new kids on the beauty block
There is a constant stream of CBD-infused beauty products trickling into the commercial market. Lord Jones recently debuted an infused body lotion that can heal muscle pain while MILK Makeup added CBD oil to its mascara formula. Lessonia’s HEMP skincare range is a new addition to the French brand’s portfolio and includes products for both the face and body. The face range includes a Hemp Moisturizer, a Hemp Protective Fluid, a Hemp Serum, and a Hemp Peel-off mask. The body range consists of a Hemp Body Balm, Hemp Exfoliator, and Hemp Dry Oil.

Hairstylists readily embracing hemp products
Face and body products aren’t the only ones that got a hemp-infused overhaul. An increasing number of hairstylists are swearing by CBD products when it comes to ensuring that their clients sport the best hair imaginable. Hairdressing as a career has, in fact, also become increasingly exciting thanks to new developments with regards to both hair products and styling techniques. Hemp oil is a known source of essential fatty acids that can help restore the hair’s natural shine, strength, and softness. It is for this very reason that traditional hair care products are being given the boot in favor of those with more natural and beneficial ingredients.

An ever-increasing range of products are entering the marketSheaMoisture’s haircare range includes a super-hydrating Mongongo and Hemp Seed Oil moisture-seal shampoo as well as a high-porosity moisturizing mask. The mask is particularly popular as it forms a protective layer over the hair that prevents future damage. Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products is another innovative brand that uses hemp in a number of their products. The latest addition to their range is Tight Hold, an Indian Hemp, Yarrow Root Extract, and Soy Bean Oil-infused product that offers superior hold for even the most hard-to-hold hair.

Hair and beauty trends have a habit to come and go at breakneck speed. Hemp, however, has already displayed an unwavering staying power that is bound to make it an even a bigger force to be reckoned with in an ever-evolving industry

~Jennifer Pill

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