Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the first funding pool of the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities on September 14th, 2022. Out of the $2.8B, up to $220M was awarded to proposals that included hemp. Among the chosen 70 projects, National Hemp Association participated in and facilitated two hemp-awarded projects. Let’s learn more about the hemp-based projects.

Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities

The Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities was formed to help mitigate climate change, reduce GHG emissions, find carbon sequestering solutions, and more. The project proposals had to follow criteria that would support climate-smart practices. The first funding pool focuses heavily on greenhouse gases, and the second funding pool will focus on equity and outreach. Learn how the hemp projects were involved in the first funding pool.

Industrial Hemp for Fiber and Grain

Lead partner and NHA business member, Iconoclast Industries LLC, is one of the 70 projects chosen for this funding pool with up to $15M in awarded grant money. Their project would touch on climate-smart markets, support and provide open-accessible data on the beneficial practices of hemp production, and develop a specialized workforce for underserved producers.

How did the founders of Iconoclast Industries take the news? Ryan LaRocca stated,”Iconoclast Industries is deeply humbled to be selected by the USDA as a participant in the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. We hope this grant will move the industrial hemp industry forward in an inclusive, sustainable manner. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we received from our project partners and other industry stakeholders, especially the National Hemp Association.” Their major partners included other NHA members, Cedar Meadow Farms, and IND Hemp.

Scaling Up the Industrial Hemp Supply Chain as Carbon Negative Feedstock for Fuel and Fiber

Higher education institution, Lincoln University, is the lead partner of this project. Awarded to $5M in funds, their project focuses on creating a market for hemp while creating a resilient climate and sequestering carbon. National Hemp Association was proud to participate in this project as a major partner along with our business member HempWood.

ADM and Partners’ Climate-Smart Solutions

With up to $90M in maximum funding, hemp is among the major commodities listed with the ADM and Partners’ Climate-Smart Solutions. Their project revolves around climate-smart agriculture (CSA) projects that would support producers across 15 states. It involves incentive payments to the producers who adopt and implement CSA practices to reduce GHG emissions and removals. Some major commodities listed for this project are corn, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, sorghum, flax, hemp, and more.

Texas Climate-Smart Initiative

Texas A & M Agrilife Research is the lead partner in the Texas Climate-Smart Initiative and has been awarded up to $65M for their project. This project will support the transition of Texas’ large agricultural sector to climate-smart agriculture and forestry practices. This will be a 5-year multi-commodity pilot program that will involve hemp as a commodity.

Climate-Smart Potatoes from the Pacific Northwest: Managing Soil Health for Climate-Smart Outcomes

Managing soil health through climate-smart management for states such as Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and tribal areas, this project was awarded up to $50M. Hemp is one of the major commodities listed to help build a climate-smart market.

We congratulate those awarded the many USDA grants and acknowledge the pathway you set for the hemp industry. Research and development are vital for a nascent industry, and we applaud the recognition hemp receives as a major commodity.

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