Hemp is one of the most versatile crops in modern agriculture. Its uses are varied, innovative, and even ancient. Hemp has the potential to truly influence the American economy and culture, and while Hemp and CBD have their challenges, the roots are deep.

One of the most exciting of the budding uses of hemp is in the form of a dip. Traditional dip has been entirely tobacco or nicotine focused. The appeal of dipping for adults is ritualistic, tied to the agriculture supporting the culture, and centered around the compounds of the tobacco plant.

Artisan Grange® Company believes the new dip – the dip of the future – can take the place of and vastly improve upon traditional dip products in an authentic way. Our brands of Dublend® and Cansted® hemp dip pouches satisfy the ritual, support the growth of American hemp and agricultural communities, and are centered around the compounds of the hemp plant. The CBD market continues to innovate and make available products that fit nicely in the lifestyles of many, and with our hemp dip, we are reaching a demographic of dippers with a guilt-free nod to the tradition.

Made with 100% hemp flower in a hemp fiber pouch, our products are designed for comfort in a tried and tested way of enjoyment. Because of this design, both existing dippers and CBD consumers looking for a more convenient delivery system are growing and celebrating hemp dip culture. Dublend® hemp dip pouches are carefully blended styles that have flavor profiles like traditional tobacco. Many switchers deeply enjoy the flavor profile they’re used to from the tobacco plant, and our expert blenders developed Wintergreen, Straight, Dark Fired and Mint to hit all the right notes. For a fresh take on hemp and dip, Cansted® marries hemp with fun and unique flavors like Cinnamon, Citrus, Dark Mint and more.

Our products and flavor profiles have taken years to develop, and as the industry experiences growth (and associated pains), we are fiercely focused on quality and traceability. Artisan Grange® Company aims to responsibly represent the integrity and ownership of hemp in America by providing customers with an authentic hemp dip that surpasses consumer expectations while strengthening and honoring the American industry up and down the supply chain.

Whether an existing dipper moving on from tobacco or a CBD consumer looking for a convenient and flavorful experience, Artisan Grange® Company is the home of the #hempdipper.

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