Since the Farm Act of 2018 went into effect the number of hemp based CBD companies has skyrocketed. It’s a beautiful thing that so many are motivated to be a part of the movement, but it can add to confusion for consumers who are overwhelmed with the number of companies. Not to mention, trying to navigate through those companies and find out which ones are using high quality ingredients, testing their products properly, and making those results readily available. That’s why trusted, transparent companies like CBDfx stand out among the competition. They are those things I mentioned and more! But, how do you find the best product for you? How do you know how much to use and how often to take it? Well, that’s what we’re going to dive into now to find the perfect hemp derived CBD product for you.


Firstly, research is recommended. When researching, look into different companies on how they are reviewed by other consumers and if they provide their lab testing (certificate of analysis). Lab testing reports are important because you want to make sure you are purchasing (and ingesting) a quality product free of any harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Product Use

After some research, figure out what you would hope to gain from the product you choose.  The traditional route of a capsule, tincture, or even a gummy is said to combat anxiety or stress; alternatively, you could use a variety of topicals it may alleviate any muscle discomfort or pain.

If you prefer the latter, you can try tinctures because you could simply take a few drops sublingually (under the tongue) and possibly be done with it for the day. Also, when you take the drops sublingually it goes directly into your bloodstream, so it would take effect in about 15-45 minutes (varying for each individual). What I like about tinctures is that you control the dosage. Now, yes, it is true with a reputable, trusted company such as the one I mentioned earlier, they will have accurate measurements and dosage suggestions, but I always think it’s best to start small and work your way up because we all have our own unique chemical makeup. I started with one drop and worked my way up until I found how many drops a day worked for me.

Capsules and Edibles

Capsules are another great option, but you don’t have as much dosage control. This is not a huge deal if you purchase from a company that has done their testing and came up with accurate, effective measurements for dosage. Recommendation is to start small with around 20-25 mg a day and work their way up as they see fit.

If you’re looking to get a little more out of your CBD experience why not reap some real benefits from added vitamins and nutrients? There are a ton of CBD gummies out there that are combined with multivitamins and other nutrients such as turmeric, spirulina, echinacea, immunity boosters, and more. The dosage of milligram per gummy varies with each manufacturer, make sure that you do your research and look for lab reports from reputable companies.

CBD Vape Pens

Then there are CBD vape pens. Maybe you have a stressful job? You can just go outside, take a quick puff, and possibly receive instant relief from all the stress back inside the building. The beauty of this is that it is so discreet nobody really knows. You can go back in and tackle your day with comfort and ease. My favorite CBD vape pen has a delicious strawberry lemonade taste and the whole pen contains 30 mg of CBD. It’s disposable and comes readily charged so I just open it, use it, toss it out when I’m done. It really couldn’t be easier!

Did you know that the CBD industry is headed towards billions in revenue? CBD is growing at such a rapid pace many of us can barely keep up. There are new and innovative products emerging daily with hopes of making our lives (and issues) more manageable. I’ve seen so many great products lately such as bath salts, bath bombs, lip balm, face wash, etc. Whatever it is that you seek to alleviate, CBD can help; just research and find the option that fits best into your life and routine. So, don’t be afraid to hop on the CBD train. It’s immensely popular for a reason–It’s helping people in their everyday lives!

This content is provided as a membership benefit to our valuable business level members. Due to several factors including the variances in state hemp laws and the differences in interpretation of federal law, NHA makes no warrants of the legality, efficacy or safety of any product, service or statement made by any third party.

We encourage all members and the general public to do their own due diligence on any business or product, and understanding their state’s and federal laws, before choosing to purchase any product or contracting for any service.