As members specializing in e-commerce payment processing for Farm Bill-compliant CBD, seed, hemp, and Delta 8 websites, one common refrain we hear from business owners is how confusing Delta 8 payment processing can be – even when using “hemp-friendly” solutions like WooCommerce.

Luckily, a stable, open-source platform and shopping cart combination like WordPress and WooCommerce provides Delta 8 business owners with broader options than any other website builder or shopping cart.

The new cannabis derivatives, including Delta 8, are growing in popularity among WooCommerce e-commerce businesses. This new demand is causing a spike in interest and confusion among Delta 8 firms in the United States.

WooCommerce allows for the most Delta 8 merchant account integrations

WooCommerce’s open-source nature means it can connect to many payment gateways, including NMI and Authorize.Net. In turn, Authorize.Net and NMI each integrate with dozens of US merchant account providers. This allows for the maximum amount of flexibility for Delta 8 business owners.

Organic Payment Gateways aligns internet business owners with the payment gateway and merchant account best suited for an individual website’s exact products, and their Delta 8 and Delta 10 programs provide step-by-step systems for both new e-commerce sites and existing CBD websites looking to expand into Delta 8 and Delta 10.

As newer CBD-like products like Delta 8 come onto the market, the demand for payment processing that allows these products and works perfectly with WooCommerce will continue to expand.

Certificates of Analysis are essential for most Delta 8 merchant account integrations

As outlined on the Organic Payment Gateways website, one item that is essential when it comes to getting approved to accept credit cards for CBD and Delta 8 – but not seed payment processing – is a valid certificate of analysis for every product. The Organic Payment Gateways Delta 8 and Delta 10 payment gateways page has the following advice: “You will need to make sure that every product you offer has a certificate of analysis (COA) from an independent lab. A COA shows that the product label gives accurate information about the product’s contents, which is important for your business’s integrity and your customer’s peace of mind. It’s also important that your Delta 8 products be of the legal, hemp-derived variety.”

WooCommerce, Delta 8 payment gateways, Delta 8 merchant accounts, and plug-ins

Once you choose WooCommerce, the question quickly becomes: How do I connect my shopping cart with a Delta 8 merchant account?

There are a few moving pieces when setting up Delta 8 payment processing for WooCommerce: payment gateways, merchant accounts, plug-ins, and the WooCommerce shopping cart itself.

The distinction between a payment gateway and a merchant account is often confusing.

A payment gateway is a software as a service (SaaS) that connects a shopping cart, like WooCommerce, to a credit card processor – otherwise known as a merchant account. The payment gateway stores cardholder data for future billing or refunds, and the merchant account underwrites the relationship and manages the deposits to the business’s bank account, along with communicating with the customer’s credit card company or bank.

Typical payment processors like WooCommerce Payments, Stripe, and PayPal combine these two services and offer them as a bundled package. Unfortunately for Farm Bill-compliant website owners, these standard payment gateway services are rarely, if ever, Delta 8 friendly.

Delta 8-focused providers, like Organic Payment Gateways, generally use either the Authorize.Net or NMI payment gateway to connect WooCommerce to a Delta 8 merchant account, as they allow for dozens of potential merchant account integrations with WooCommerce.

How to connect a Delta 8 payment gateway to WooCommerce

Once you have a Delta 8 merchant account and payment gateway in place, the final step is to use a software “plug-in” to connect it all together. Generally, your payment gateway and merchant account provider, like Organic Payment Gateways or your web developer, will provide plug-in recommendations.

Below are a few common plug-ins we often use, depending on which gateway works best for our clients. Some are free, and some are paid – which plug-in is the best fit for your WooCommerce store depends more on which features you require (for example, recurring billing) than on the actual quality of the plug-in. plug-ins for WooCommerce:



NMI plug-ins for WooCommerce:




There are many WooCommerce Delta 8 payment gateway and merchant account options

As a WooCommerce Delta 8 business, you have more choices and flexibility than most. Your payment processor can go over your exact products and help you choose whether NMI or Authorize.Net is the best fit, help you select a plug-in for WooCommerce, and place you with the merchant account provider that best fits your exact Delta 8 product offerings.

How to start accepting payments on WooCommerce for Delta 8

Reliably accepting credit cards is essential to every Delta 8 website’s success. As a WooCommerce user, you have choices, including working with a cannabinol-focused provider like Organic Payment Gateways.

The tech-savvy, US-based team at Organic Payment Gateways will be there for you not only from day one but also for years to come. They aim to help Delta 8 businesses like yours sell the products you love without worrying about sky-high rates, held deposits, or shut-down merchant accounts.

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