Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 

In this installment, NHA Executive Director, Erica Stark, interviews Andrew Bish of Bish Enterprises

Meet the Man Wearing Multiple Hats

“We are doing something bigger than us and creating a long-lasting impact on agriculture.”

Andrew Bish of Bish Enterprises stumbled upon hemp accidentally. Bish Enterprises was contacted by a Coloradan hemp farmer because of their existing sorghum header. The farmer believed the sorghum super-crop header by Bish Enterprises could replace some of the equipment that was used to harvest hemp — and it did. Outside of a few minor issues, the header performed well on a 180-acre grain harvest. Bish realized there weren’t a lot of support for hemp farmers and that’s how he got involved. They pivoted their focus on marketplace challenges, like the CBD industry and introduced the first commercial plant harvesting equipment that can harvest whole plant in 2018. With their fiber technologies, they developed a multi-height sickle mower and with their available equipment, they’re able to serve the hemp floral, fiber, and grain space.

“Your successes are a result of a lot a lot of failures.”

Bish mentions their decortication facility, Global Fiber Processing, a decortication facility that came from an idea that didn’t work. But with their acquisition of Formation Ag, they are now able to own their own IP, develop their decortication machine, use it, and sell it on the marketplace. Creating such facilities will help with rural revitalization and create economic opportunities and create an impact in the agricultural industry.

As current President of the Hemp Feed Coalition, Bish discusses the animal feed approval process, what percentage of hempseed meal ration is safe and healthy for animals, and their work with Universities and private companies on hempseed meal for animal feed research. 

To learn more about harvesting equipment, decortication, and hempseed meal for animal feed, tune in down below.

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