Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 

In this installment NHA Assistant Executive Director, Anna Chanthavongseng, interviews Chad Rosen, Founder of Victory Hemp Foods

Hemp for Victory

The plant-based food market has been expanding exponentially; from meat and dairy alternatives to oils and protein powder, consumers are seeking food ingredients to better their health, lifestyle, and environment. Hemp, being labeled as a superfood, can be seen on retail shelves as hemp hearts, hemp milk, protein powder, oil, and even pasta.

At Victory Hemp Foods, a Kentucky-based hemp foods company, they focus on quality food products and development. Formed in 2014 and founded by Chad Rosen, we were able to dive a bit deeper into the nutritional value of their products.

Rosen explains the nutritional value of hemp, how it lowers your LDL (low-density lipoprotein), and why it’s easily digestible.

We also touch base on his scientific team that helps develop formulas and recipes. To learn more about their current products  V-70™ Hemp Protein and V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil, take a listen!

Please be sure to check out Victory Hemp Foods website at www.victoryhempfoods.com

We hope you enjoyed this video – stay tuned for our next interview!