Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 


In this installment, NHA Assistant Executive Director, Anna Chanthavongseng, interviews Chris Trad of Fountain of Health

Perspectives of a CBD Farmer and Business Owner

Chris Trad started farming hemp back in 2015 in Loveland, CO in greenhouses. When buyers started to not fulfill their contracts of buying his hemp, Chris had to pivot and venture into consumer packaged goods.

With a background in farming and gardening, Chris Trad decided to add hemp onto his list of crops to grow. He stated it was a simple crop to grow, but the nuances of federal and state regulation made it difficult than it should be. Farming alone is a financial risk, but when you have buyers not fulfilling their contract, it can make or break a farmer. But Chris’ wife, Lauren, had other plans and sent some of their hemp products to a friend in Florida. After that, the duo received more orders and sprouted their company, Fountain of Health CBD.

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