Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 

In this installment, NHA  Assistant Executive Director, Anna Chanthavongseng, interviews Dr. Erick Bandela of the Desert Research Institute.

Hemp Biochar Research

The sense of urgency to remediate our soil is a high priority for the United States. Nutrient and microbe depletion of our soil structure is real and quite frightening. The largest surface structure on our land, which is responsible for food, plants, and agriculture, is in danger.  Soil amendments and/or additives can restore soil to its ideal state with proper land management. Soil amendments such as biochar can help with nutrient and water retention through its properties and porosity structure. Common feedstock used to produce biochar is typically from agroforestry i.e., sawdust from lumber mills, pine needles, rice husks, etc. Can hemp stalks and/or waste be the next biochar feedstock?

In this interview, Dr. Erick Bandela, of Desert Research Institute will talk about his research proposal on hemp biochar research.

If you would like to participate in this research, please become a supporter by visiting Hemp Innovations Foundation GoFundMe page.

We hope you enjoyed this video – stay tuned for our next interview!