Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 

Tiger Fiber

What is the potential for hemp fiber?

Bast Fibre Technologies

How can hemp be turned into cleaning wipes and other nonwovens?

Midwest Hemp Council

How does the Midwest Hemp Council collaborate and bring industry organizations, together?

Victory Hemp Foods

What are the benefits of adding hemp protein, oils, and grain into your diet?

Kreider Farms

What are the benefits of adding hemp grain to your chicken feed?

Hemp Wood

How can hemp become flooring in your household?

Cedar Meadow Farms

Why is it beneficial when you adopt a regenerative farming methodology?

DON Services

How did a hempcrete build become circular?


Merida Capital

What is hemp’s potential for the Total Addressable Market valued at $15T?

Standing Committee for Social Equity

What type of positive impact can social equity have in the hemp space?

Desert Research Institute

Why should we be researching hemp biochar?

Grounded Foods

What does it take to make hemp-based cheese?

Bish Enterprises / Hemp Harvest Works

From farm equipment to animal feed to decortication – learn more on how one man is tackling all three

Fountain of Health

How did hemp farmers pivot from just growing to creating a business? 

King’s Agriseeds

What does a horticulturist think about hemp and soil health?

Family Affair in Hemp Advocacy

Learn how this mother and son duo are advocating hemp in the state of NY and prioritizing social equity.

How can Software Technology be Beneficial to our Industry?

How do we use software to track a product throughout the ecosystem or value chain?

Who are the Pioneers in Cannabis and Hemp Banking?

Learn how Dart Bank and their cannabis / hemp banking specialists help industry businesses

Pollen-blocking Nanoscreen Enhances Indoor Cultivation

Nanoscreen Technology: The Game-Changer for Indoor Cultivation and Pollen Control

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