Welcome to the National Hemp Association’s In Conversation Series where we highlight our business members and affiliates. 

This installment NHA Executive Director, Erica Stark interviews Jason Finnis, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Bast Fibre Tech

Wiping out plastic with hemp nonwovens

Baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, disinfectant wipes, industrial wipes, and cleaning wipes have all been a part of our lives for a very long time. There were times in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic where disinfectant wipes were flying off the shelves faster than they could be produced.

Wipes may be convenient, but did you know that the vast majority of wipes are made from plastic? Or that each of those wipes is the equivalent of using a plastic bag?

Bast Fibre Tech is leading the way in producing natural hemp fiber for nonwoven products and they are doing it on a commercial scale. We should start seeing products on shelves using these sustainable fibers as soon as this year.

These are exciting times for Bast Fiber Tech, and for the hemp industry, as we are finally seeing the promise of hemp begin to be realized. Learn from Jason Finnis about their new facility, the manufacturing process and why hemp is a superior fiber to its plastic counterparts. This type of innovation is how we build the hemp industry by developing reliable supply chains to produce practical, affordable, sustainable and better-quality consumer products.

Bast Fibre Tech not only understands the critical need for sustainable alternatives to man-made synthetic fibers, but they are also doing what it takes to make it happen!

Please be sure to check out Bast Fibre Tech’s website at www.bastfibretech.com

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