Yellow Emperor is a quality contract manufacture of liquids. We are a third-party Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Organic Processor certified facility. The products we manufacture are syrups, serums, tinctures, liquid vitamins, shampoos, liquid soaps, and lotions. We manufacture these products to help brands focus on sales.

What is a liquid contract manufacturer?

We serve clients that sell liquid dietary supplements, food, and personal care products. We specialize in liquids and manufacture a wide variety of products from consumer-ready bottles to liquid ingredients.

Why contract manufacture anything?

Our clients come to us for a lot of reasons. Some seek out a contract manufacturer because they have grown out of their current production space. These brands can’t keep up with the manufacturing demand – a testament to the success of their product! In the same vein, some brands come to us because they want to focus more on marketing their product rather than manufacturing.

Finally, there are those brands out there that are not having a good experience with their current contract manufacturer and are looking for a change. The brands that are looking to switch often have had issues with customer service or quality of their products. Fortunately for Yellow Emperor, these are our areas of strength

Why use Yellow Emperor?

We believe that quality can be felt. We believe that a quality experience with a contract manufacturer is key to a brand’s success. Quality in pervasive in every step of our process.

Purchasing – First, our quality program starts with our Purchasing Team. We have established testing parameters that our vendors must meet to maintain their status as one of our vendors. We source from Qualified Vendors for the best price available so that we can offer the best pricing to our clients.

Compliance – Next, all incoming materials purchased or sent toll by a client undergo testing, internal and/or 3rd party, to verify their identity, purity, strength, and composition. Some brands that come to us are looking for GMP-compliant, organic certified processors for their products. A third-party certification involves extra paperwork – and audits – that brands may not be able to afford. Since we are a third-party GMP certified with UL and a Certified Organic Processor through Oregon Tilth, many brands come to us to relieve their administrative overhead. We are comfortable with 3rd-party audits since they are great practice for FDA audits, a part of working in the dietary supplement industry.

Production – Of course, quality is the focus throughout production. This is what we do after all. Thanks to our Compliance Team and highly-trained production staff, the importance and value of quality production is widely understood. Our staff regularly is refreshed on the GMPs through internal and external trainings.

Communication – Finally, our Client Representatives carry on the concept of quality in their communication and treatment of our clients. We value our clients’ business needs as if they are

our own because, in many ways, they are! This approach to doing business is highly valued by our clients. It is one of the reasons why we have been working with some brands for decades.

Also, since Yellow Emperor is a custom contract manufacture, we are flexible. Not one of our relationships with a client is exactly like another. Just like the clients’ products, each client relationship is unique. Our clients value our flexibility and communication, it is how we show we value their business.

Other contract manufacturers that serve the dietary supplement community do it all: tablets, capsules, gummies, liquids, and powders. Here at Yellow Emperor, we specialize in liquids. Our clients benefit from our focus on manufacturing quality liquid products.

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