NHA’s Got Your Back!

Are you involved or interested in the hemp industry but frustrated with the lack of easy access to resources and support? The National Hemp Association (NHA) is here to help.

While hemp is legal now, navigating the industry can still be challenging. That’s why the NHA is committed to creating a common sense approach to building a thriving hemp industry in the US. With the 2023 Farm Bill being negotiated right now, advocacy has never been more important!

In addition to having a voice in DC, by joining us, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including advertising opportunities, to help you grow your business.

But it’s not just about individual success. As a member of the NHA, you’ll be contributing to the growth of an industry that has the potential to change the world for the better.

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NHA hosting USDA, Pa Dept of Ag and US Trade Representatives at NHA member Cedar Meadow Farms

“Tell Geoff I said ‘hi.’”, Greg Wilson, founder of HempWood, talking with Assistant Executive Director Anna Chanthavongseng In Conversation

NHA Board Member Faye Coleman (left) and Chair of NHA's Social Equity Committee, Calvin Frye (middle)

Why Join NHA?

How many social media channels have you been kicked off? Facebook? Instagram? 

Most social media doesn’t like hemp. So how and where do you advertise for a reasonable price? Television isn’t it. SEO is a zero sum game: unless you’re first, it doesn’t matter. And mailing lists take time to curate. 

In addition to our advocacy work in DC, businesses join NHA for the networking, the influence, and the advertising.

15k+ email list  –  10k+ monthly website visitors 

When you join NHA with a Silver or Gold business membership, you get custom email blasts to our entire mailing list, prominent displays of your logo on our website and newsletters, a press release, and more.

Gold members can expect extra perks on top of this—all of this is listed down below. We get your name out to the people who care the most.

 As the hemp advocate Henry Ford once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Join NHA and let people know about the good work you’re doing. 

But what good are advertising opportunities if we don’t answer the phone? Not so fast. Our members love our accessibility, that we answer the phone, that we build relationships. 

People make our work fun – YOU make it fun. And people are fun when they’re heard, when they’re cared about.


A level that’s right for you

With 5 tiers of membership, we have something for everyone, from the enthusiast looking to support the hemp industry, to hemp businesses looking for ample advertising opportunities.

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Good for people interested in supporting the hemp industry, small farmers, seniors, college students and those with limited incomes: $50 per year.

● Receive monthly email newsletter

● Receive timely action alerts

● Discounted admission to NHA events

● Access to all sections of website

● Satisfaction that you are supporting hemp’s return to America



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Appropriate for city, county, state and regional hemp organizations interested in establishing a formal Affiliate relationship with NHA: $150 per year.

Affiliate benefits are only for non-profit organizations. For-profit businesses that join at this level only get the listing and link on the affiliate page and other benefits of an individual membership.

● List Affiliate on website with link to your website

● Monthly news updates posted on the NHA website

● Up to three events listed on our Master Calendar each month

● Receive regular guidance from NHA staff

● Access to marketing material templates

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$60 per month with a 30% savings when billed annually ($500/year)

● Logo listing with active link on NHA homepage (10,000+ visitors per month)

● Listing on Business Member Page

● Free Access to BillTrack50

● Discounted admission at all NHA events

● One educational blog posts on the NHA website

● Sharing of events or articles on our social media

● Opportunities to speak at NHA events

● NHA Business Member digital badge on your website

● 3 FREE Individual Memberships to your employees, business partners, family, or friends

● Knowledge that you are a key partner in supporting one of the most active hemp trade associations in the nation

    earth on fire

     ($150 per month with a 20% savings when billed annually ($1500/year)

    All Bronze Level Benefits Plus:

    ● One custom email blast to the NHA mailing list to promote your business (our most popular benefit)

    ● Two educational blog posts on the NHA website

    ● Media referral when a print or electronic journalist contacts NHA with a hemp story in your sector

    ● Two-hour consultation with NHA Chairman and/or Exec Director

    ● 5 FREE Individual Memberships to your employees, business partners, family, or friends


    Thanks so much you guys for welcoming us into the National Hemp Association family. It’s been awesome.

    James Forbes

    Co-founder, Tiger Fiber Hemp Company

    earth on fire

    $250 per month with a 20% savings when billed annually ($2500/year)

    All Silver Level Benefits Plus:

    ● Invitations to pre-qualified hemp business meetings and business partnership opportunities

    ● Two custom email blasts to the NHA mailing list to promote your business (our most popular benefit)

    ● Posting of up to four educational blogs on NHA website

    ● Media referrals when a print or electronic journalist contacts us regarding story on hemp

    ● Display your product or materials at select events

    ● 10 FREE Individual Memberships to employees, business partners, family or friends


    As you can see, we have a tier that works for everyone. After all, hemp is for everyone!