National Hemp Association Awards First Recipients of Social Equity Conscious Business (SECB) Badges

The National Hemp Association (NHA) Board of Directors established the Standing Committee for Social Equity (SCSE) in August 2020. The Standing Committee members Dozie Mbonu, Leo Bridgewater, Anna Chanthavongseng, Richard Cheng, Calvin Frye, Erica Stark, Ada Turner and Clayton Turner have been meeting weekly since that date. Passionate about capturing the state of cultural diversity, social equity and inclusion in our nation, they have created conversations of social equity and justice through advocacy and educational programs. As diverse and bold as the hemp plant is, this committee captures and embodies the plant’s symbolism and brings it to fruition.

“The mission to extend supportive education opportunities to communities missing generational inclusion begins with supporting existing inclusion visionaries, new business owners, leaders and experienced consultants to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities”, said Committee Chair Dozie Mbonu. “The SECB badge is an extension of our social equity initiative to elevate businesses that meet our standards of excellence for diversity practices and inclusivity.”

Today, the Standing Committee for Social Equity is proud to announce the awarding of our first Social Equity Conscious Business (SECB) Badges to three very deserving companies:

PURE GENESIS strives to ease your mind, improve your health and enhance your life. We continue to expand our positive reach by fulfilling our mission of education, access and advocacy. As a certified minority and women-owned (MWBE) cannabis business, Pure Genesis (PG) – parent company to PG Hemp and the Pure Genesis Enterprise of Brands (Health, Insights, Partners, Fire & Foundation) is a requested provider of hemp business services and educational programming for the ever-evolving hemp industry.

Faye Coleman, CEO of Pure Genesis shared that, “PG believes that Social Equity stands in the gap of exclusion by lowering barriers through investment in BIPOC businesses that lead to a sustainable path towards significant participation and benefit within the cannabis industry.” The National Hemp Association is undoubtedly on this path, and we are excited to have earned the opportunity to be part of the NHA Social Equity Conscious (SECB) Badge Initiative.

BestBüds is a woman owned business dedicated to educating consumers on the power of cannabis. We provide hand selected premium quality CBD to support living the best quality of life.

Amanda Terpstra of Best Buds said, “Social equity signifies justice and fairness, and within the cannabis industry this is an even more complex concept when faced with the historical racial injustice created by the War on Drugs. Being a certified woman owned business, we hope to encourage women to follow their dreams and not to be discouraged or to allow for disparities because of gender. Being 50% owned by a Puerto Rican woman that has faced racial profiling and injustices from the war on drugs it is even more important to foster change towards the inclusion of diversity. By creating measures of accountability like the NHA badge program, we can begin to generate an impact to encourage a more inclusive industry.”

Diamond Shine/LNK is a women-owned; family-owned, seed to sale CBD infused products-full spectrum. Diamond Shine started in 2018 as a social enterprise organization that is set out to heal the soul. Through our journey, we have worked with individuals with conditions including medical, developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities and anyone who needs some love and support through their journey alike. The time has come to have a company with integrity to the fullest. When you come in, we want to guarantee you that we will be here to listen and support all your goals. Our team of professionals are here without judgement and here with love to keep you healthy emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

CEO, Karen Gaston, Ed.D. said, “We applied for the badge because it is seamlessly how we run our business.” 

“We invite all companies and organizations in the US hemp industry to be more inclusionary in their practices and work towards the standards developed by the Standing Committee, said NHA Board Chair Geoff Whaling.  “These first participants in this special program is just the beginning.  We look forward to seeing our Social Equity Conscious Business Badges throughout the Industry”, commented Whaling.

To learn more and to apply for the Social Equity Conscious Business (SECB) Badge Click Here