Gold Membership

Annual Membership ($2,500)

 Membership ($250/month)

Our National Hemp Association Gold Business Membership is $250 a month or $2,500 annually (a 20% savings on annual payment) and is available to larger hemp businesses wanting extensive support and multi-channel exposure.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Prominent Logo listing on NHA Website Homepage (10,000+ visitors per month)
  • Prominent Logo in NHA Monthly Email Newsletters (+15,000 contacts)
  • NHA Learner Mobile App
  • Free Admission and “thank you” at select NHA events
  • Invitations to Pre-Qualified Hemp Business Meetings and Business Partnership Opportunities
  • Two Custom emails NHA distributes to our database
  • Posting of up to four educational blogs on NHA website
  • Media Referrals when a Print or Electronic journalist Contacts us Regarding story on Hemp
  • Two-hour consultation with NHA Chairman and/or Exec. Director
  • Inclusion in NHA Press Release
  • Eligible to run for the NHA Board of Directors
  • Nomination to Join the NHA Technical or Business Advisory Council
  • Opportunities to speak at NHA Events
  • Featured Story or Post on NHA Website
  • May post  Member logo on your Website
  • Display your Product or Materials at Select Events
  • 10 FREE Individual Memberships to employees, business partners, family or friends
  • Knowledge that you are a Key Partner in Supporting one of the Most Active Hemp Trade Associations in the Nation.

If you are an existing member renewing your membership, please make sure you are logged in before renewing to keep your existing username and password.

Annual Membership ($2,500)

Reoccurring Membership ($250/month)

* Gold members are entitled to two custom email blasts. If enrolling monthly, Gold members must wait 3 months before sending their email blast. If enrolling annually, Gold members may send a custom blast before the 3 months period.
Marketing and promotional benefits go through an approval process before publishing by the NHA team.