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How to find the best CBD payment program for you?

How to find the best CBD payment program for you? Boy the last few years have been very difficult to find a credit card processing company that understood exactly what CBD is and why it is a legal product. What’s the Federal Law, the State Law? While many...

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The Need for Hemp Bioplastics

"Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest." ~Charles Moore The Pacific Ocean holds an estimated 343 billion billion gallons of seawater. Within this great body of mass lies an unimaginable quantity of plastics ranging from nanosized particles to car tires...

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Eurofins Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Beth Myers Senior Marketing Manager T: +1 608 395 3664 M: +1 608 250 9193 BethMyers@EurofinsUS.com Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation Setting Standard in Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Testing Cannabinoid method receives AOAC First Action...

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1 week ago

National Hemp Association

National Hemp Association executive director Erica Stark speaking at the Las Vegas Convention Center right now. ... See MoreSee Less


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When are they going to start making things from hemp. We need manufacturing plants , so the farmers can produce. And we can buy.

Hopefully the FDA will approve

Yes. Hemp is great. Hopefully the fd

31:47 fiber

Exec. Dir., Erica Stark and Treasurer, Alex Selenznov representing NHA at ASD Market Week in Vegas. If youre here stop by and say hi! :)

Exec. Dir., Erica Stark and Treasurer, Alex Selenznov representing NHA at ASD Market Week in Vegas. If you're here stop by and say hi! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Miss you guys!

Can't go but hi from nm

Keep up the good work!

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Hemp Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

Much work still needs to be done with the general public, farmers and our elected officials about the nutritional, industrial, environmental and medicinal benefits of hemp. As laws change, research is conducted and commercialization begins, sharing information will be vital to ensure the hemp industry thrives. NHA is committed to advancing this awareness and knowledge.

Hemp Legislation

NHA’s main priority is the passage of comprehensive hemp legislation on a federal level. We also are here to help individual states with their hemp legislation. Stay tuned for important updates of how you can help pass HR3550, The 2017 Industrial Hemp Act!

Hemp Business

Hemp has the potential to bring prosperity to many segments of our society. Not only will it be a new cash and rotational crop for farmers, the possibilities for manufacturing are virtuously endless. Not only can hemp make thousands of products, hemp can be used to makes thousands of products, better, stronger and more sustainable. Now is the time to start think about how hemp can be incorporated into your business plan. If you have an existing hemp business, an NHA business level membership is a great way to not only support our efforts but to promote your business tp thousands of hemp enthusiasts!



One of the biggest misconceptions is believing that industrial hemp is the same thing as marijuana.
The two plants are the same species, but are more like first cousins and NOT identical twins.

“Hemp Can Save The Planet!”

Jack Herer

Hemp is the most versatile plant on earth.
It can be used for food, medicine, biofuel, compostable plastics, building materials and more.
It is time for the full legalization of industrial hemp at the federal level.


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