Hemp: America’s Next Natural Resource

The National Hemp Association (NHA) is a D.C. based non-profit, grassroots organization supporting all aspects of the hemp industry. We work  to bring to life all of the potential this crop has to offer: for farmers; for economic development in rural communities; for increased sustainability of products we all consume on a daily basis; and for American leadership in global industries and markets that are rapidly evolving to deliver the many valuable benefits of hemp to people all around the world.

NHA is rooted in the knowledge that hemp can provide a wide range of opportunities, from field to factory, and has a global Total Addressable Market (TAM) of 15 trillion dollars. Hemp has an important role to play in creating a better and more sustainable future and for hemp to reach its potential, we advocate for sensible public policy and regulation. We are also facilitators in building reliable supply chains by seeking out others we can work with to further our mutual objectives as well as connecting people and businesses to help them reach their individual and collective goals.

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 The Industrial Hemp Act of 2023 seeks to create a clear distinction and separate regulations for industrial hemp fiber and grain from cannabinoid or flower hemp. By maintaining the existing regulatory framework for cannabinoid hemp production outlined in Senate Bill S980 and House Bill HR 3755, these bills provide a new framework specific to industrial hemp, enabling streamlined processes and promoting economic development in rural America.

Help support bills S.980 and HR.3755 by taking action today!

“Hemp is relatively easy to grow, resistant to pests that kill other crops, good for the soil, and is a high-yield product. All of these qualities make it attractive to farmers. It’s used to make a range of goods including biodegradable fibers and biofuels. Unfortunately, today these farmers face regulations that are a little outdated, Chester and Berks Counties are home to dozens of Pennsylvania’s hemp farms, and on their behalf, I’m glad to introduce legislation to modernize regulation of this growing industry.”

US Representative Chrissy Houlahan

“Industrial hemp is a staple commodity crop for many Montana farmers, unfortunately, burdensome regulations are preventing hardworking farmers from taking full advantage of this booming agricultural market. The bipartisan Industrial Hemp Act will remove red tape that’s holding the industry back and create good-paying jobs for the people of Montana.”

US Representative Matt Rosendale

“Montana farmers don’t need government bureaucrats putting unnecessary burdens on their operations; it’s time we cut red tape, and make it easier for industrial hemp farmers to get their product to market. My bipartisan bill builds on Montana’s leadership on hemp policy and creates goodpaying jobs for folks across rural America.”

US Senator Jon Tester

“It’s important that we set American farmers up for success by cutting burdensome regulations and red tape, this legislation will expand opportunities for industrial hemp producers in Indiana and across the country and allow them to tap into one of the fastest growing agricultural markets.”

US Senator Mike Braun

“Agricultural hemp stands for sustainability and freedom to the farmer, the manufacturer, and the homeowner. At HempWood we support the Industrial Hemp Act of 2023 because it allows our farmers to concentrate on farming rather than paperwork and fees.”

Gregory Wilson

Founder, HempWood

Join NHA and become part of an amazing community advocating for the benefits of this incredible crop. Together, we can promote the growth and development of the hemp industry and create a brighter future for all.

NHA Initiatives

We firmly believe that American industry is trending towards bio-sustainability and hemp plays a critical role in the establishment of a new economic paradigm. The National Hemp Association is dedicated to shifting the perception of hemp as being an alternative crop to a mainstream commodity.

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Due to our outreach and active participation, we have become the first non-profit hemp organization to be members of FACA, the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance, founding members of the Ag Bioeconomy, an alliance partner with the Cool Farm Alliance, and Hemp Feed Coalition. We will continue to advocate hemp as a competitive commodity and normalize it both within and outside the industry.

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Hemp Exemption

NHA is proud to have partnered with Agricultural Hemp Solutions and IND Hemp on the Fiber & Grain Hemp Campaign! 

The Hemp Exemption Act, which will break down barriers for farmers interested in participating in the hemp industry. It’s time that we reduce the burden on hemp farmers who grow for grain and fiber.

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New Jobs Board

We are excited to announce our new job board that is specifically aimed at the hemp industry. The NHA Job Board is a one stop shop where NHA members can locate hemp professionals or locate jobs in the industry.

Department store made with hempcrete.

Farm Bill Initiatives

NHA is working for changes to the 2023 Farm Bill. The top prorities are:


  • Grain & Fiber Hemp Exemption
  • Hemp Grain for Animal Feed
  • Raise THC Limit to 1%
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Hemp Innovations foundation (HIF)


HIF is NHAs sister 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to growing the hemp industry through Education and Research.

Your tax-deductible donations make the work at HIF possible. All proceeds go towards funding new educational
resources, research and our offering of innovation grants.

How Can You Help?

At the end of the day, what the hemp industry really needs is, drum roll please…reasonable regulations.

Well that’s not sexy, but it’s what we all need, and often where the real progress comes from. We need government working with farmers and manufacturers to build a stable, profitable industry, bring economic development to rural communities, and create truly sustainable innovation.

Anyone who’s been in this space for even 5 minutes understands the headaches and hoops the hemp industry goes through. And until these regulations come to pass, there won’t be a thriving hemp industry in the US.

Do you want clothes made from American-grown hemp? Do you want healthy food, clean soils and water, cleaner air and renewable, cost-efficient building supplies free from plastic? Then you want reasonable regulations.

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Join NHA and support our mission to get this stuff done. Help economic development in rural communities. Help grow American industry. 

Let’s build a sustainable future together.

Become A Member

Our membership includes farmers, entrepreneurs, processors, manufacturers, researchers, investors, organizations, and businesses of all sizes who have entered the emerging hemp industry.


The National Hemp Association is a non-profit organization. With your help, we can help fulfill our mission of supporting all aspects of the hemp industry, educating people about the uses for hemp, and making industrial hemp legal at the federal level.


Volunteers receive a free individual membership, which gives access to the membership directory, resources for hemp legislation, state affiliate opportunities and more. Plus, stay connected with companies and experts that are already established in the industry.

NHA Standing Committees

We believe the only way to grow and progress in this promising industry is to become a united front. Developing these different but important initiatives adds value and support from the National Hemp Association and the subcommittees formed. From social equity to domestic hemp organizations to international collaborations, we believe this is how we secure an equitable, cooperative, and innovative industry.

NHA and HFC are motivated to benefit the entire industry by opening new markets for hemp and its co-products by gaining federal approval for its use as an animal feed ingredient. Historically, we have successfully worked on projects together and recognize the opportunity to share resources and expand the footprint of advocacy and education centered around hemp as a nutritious animal feed product.



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Topsoil is depleting fast – 60 years left! 😱 Hemps deep roots prevent erosion, enrich soil, and offer a lifeline for sustainable food security. 🌱🌍 #HempForTopsoil #FoodSecurity

Topsoil is depleting fast – 60 years left! 😱 Hemp's deep roots prevent erosion, enrich soil, and offer a lifeline for sustainable food security. 🌱🌍 #hempfortopsoil #foodsecurity ... See MoreSee Less

The National Hemp Association (NHA) stands firmly behind the Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC) as they reach a decisive moment in their mission to gain approval for hempseed meal (HSM) as animal feed for egg-laying chickens.

The National Hemp Association (NHA) stands firmly behind the Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC) as they reach a decisive moment in their mission to gain approval for hempseed meal (HSM) as animal feed for egg-laying chickens.
... See MoreSee Less

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Revving up the green revolution 🌱🚗! Hemp-based car parts are lighter, stronger, and eco-friendly, driving us towards a more sustainable future. 🌏 #hempincars #SustainableDriving ... See MoreSee Less

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