Social Equity Conscious Business

Proudly display to your customers that you care about diversity, inclusion, and social equity. Participating in the NHA SECB Badging programs demonstrates that your company meets our standards of excellence.
Social Equity Conscious Business (SECB) is an extension of our Social Equity Initiative and mission. If you are a business that encourages and has implemented diversity practices and inclusivity within your company, please read more on how you can receive a Social Equity Conscious Business Badge and become an SECB participant.

Applications will be reviewed Wednesdays after submission.

Standing Committee for Social Equity

Mission Statement

The National Hemp Association Standing Committee for Social Equity is passionate about capturing the state of cultural diversity, social equity, and inclusion in our nation and creating a conversation of social equity and justice through advocacy and educational programs. The members of this committee represent people of color of many ethnicities, immigrant backgrounds, and genders; African Americans, Native Americans, Latin Americans, first-generation Americans, Asian Americans, and Women members bring vast experience in the hemp industry, business sector, and law industry. As diverse and bold as the hemp plant is, this committee will capture and embody the plant’s symbolism and bring it to fruition.

The mission to extend supportive education opportunities to communities missing generational inclusion begins with supporting existing inclusion visionaries, new business owners, leaders and experienced consultants to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our communities by fostering education into the 50,000+ products hemp can produce. This committee desires to create a hub for knowledge, social equity validation, and a national movement for business owners to have access to experts and workers from underrepresented groups through health, education, and inclusion.

Our goal is to leverage the hemp industry to provide opportunity in everything from farming, handling, manufacturing, and in the emerging high-tech sector to heal the planet, create the future, and make sure no one is left behind.

Meet the Standing Committee

Dozie MBonu –   Chair

Ada Turner – Secretary

Clayton Turner – Committee Team Member

Faye Coleman – Committee Team Member

Calvin Frye – Committee Team Member

Richard Cheng – Committee Team Member

Leo Bridgewater – Committee Team Member

Erica Stark – Executive Director of NHA

Anna Chanthavongseng – Assistant Executive Director of NHA

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