Ag at the Mall – A Celebration of Moden Agriculture, was a resounding success, showcasing the latest advancements in American-made agricultural products and technologies. It was an honor to take the opportunity to represent the hemp industry and our members. Here we recap just some of the many highlights.

The Hemp Harley:

The standout attraction of the event was undoubtedly the ‘Hemp Harley’, specifically the S2 Mulholland from LiveWire. This all-electric motorcycle features fenders made from a hemp biocomposite using hemp grown by IIND HEMP. We were honored to display this bike by the Harley Davison Motor Company, as it is only the third one to come off the production line.

Showcasing the potential of American hemp, this motorcycle by an iconic American brand drew significant admiration from young and old aloke It was displayed on a platform made from HempWood®, a hemp flooring product from Kentucky. The Hemp Harley exemplifies the versatility and sustainability of hemp, captivating attendees with its innovative design.

Hemp House on Wheels:

We once again showcased the ‘Hemp House on Wheels,’ a tiny mock home made from of hempcrete or hemplime. Hempcrete creates a large thermal mass with minimal thermal bridging, improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. We had some hot and humid weather for the event and even with all the doors open you could immediately feel how well hempcrete regulates temperature and humidity as soon as you stepped inside. We also featured prefabricated wall panel with spray-applied hemp bio-insulation, courtesy of Americhanvre.

BMWi3 and More:

The BMWi3 has been a staple of our big displays for several years. Its use of hemp makes the car lighter and increases its range on a single charge. Hemp-based biocomposites have applications beyond cars, benefiting trains, planes, buses, spacecraft, and satellites.

Farm Equipment:

And what is an AG show without farm equipment? We were excited to have a hemp harvester on display. The FiberCut is a multi-height, pull-behind sickle mower that’s hydraulically driven and developed exclusively towards hemp fiber. This unit’s modular design is built to allow an operator to add, remove, and adjust the cutting arms of the machine. Because the FiberCut can operate at high speeds up to 12 mph, its efficiency is significantly higher compared to conventional and expensive forage harvesters and disc mines.

Pictured left are Andew and Jacob Bish from Bish Enterprises.

Engaging with Industry Leaders

The event also provided an excellent platform for meaningful interactions with key industry figures and representatives. On the final day, we were honored to have Undersecretary Basil Gooden from USDA-RD (Rural Development) visit our display. We we also visited by several other USDA officals, members of congress and staff.

Earlier in the week we were proved the opportnity to have a lengthy stakeholer meeting with Undersecretary Gooden along with many other members of the USDA-RD team to discuss at length the oportunities and challanges of the hemp industry.

Pictured from left to right: Mina Mishrikey, Merida Capital Holdings, Andrew Bish, Bish Enterprises, Erica Stark, National Hemp Association, Undersecretary of Rural Devlopment, Basil Gooden and Drew Oberholtzer, Coexist Build. Also at the meeting but not pictured were Greg Wilson, Hempwood and Chad Rosen, Victory Hemp Foods, both of which contributed tremendous education and insight into the opportunities and challanges of industrial hemp.

A big thank you to our members for their invaluable contributions to our display! We showcased many products from IND HEMP, HempWood, and Tiger Fiber highlighting the diversity and potential of hemp in various industries. The ‘Hemp House on Wheels’ ws brought to us by the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council, the FiberCut hemp cutter is from Bish Enterprises/Hemp Harvest Works and on loan from local hemp company Hart Hemp.

Presented by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), this event hosted over 20 U.S. agricultural trade associations alongside the latest agricultural equipment from 25 U.S. manufacturers. It was a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders of American AG, legislators, regulators and the general public in our nation’s capitol.

We look forward to our next opportunity to showcase our industry and out members!