Social Equity Conscious Business

Proudly display to your customers that you care about diversity, inclusion, and social equity. Participating in the NHA SECB Badging programs demonstrates that your company meets our standards of excellence.

Social Equity Conscious Business (SECB) is an extension of our Social Equity Initiative and mission. If you are a business that encourages and has implemented diversity practices and inclusivity within your company, please read more on how you can receive a Social Equity Conscious Business Badge and become an SECB participant.


Social Equity Conscious Business Badge (SECBB)  provides a visual representation of businesses that meet criteria needs that promote meaningful and diverse hiring practices in the hemp space.


The Standing Committee for Social Equity (SCSE) is seeking businesses that are able to display metrics that support social equity values in recruiting practices. We encourage businesses that are mindful and aware of the disparities of the underrepresented communities* in the hemp space to apply for the SECBB. Promote inclusion, equity, and diversity, consciously, within your company by applying today.

*Underrepresented Communities—ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ, US Veterans, people with disabilities, and the socioeconomic disadvantaged


1. Hiring and Recruiting Practices

  • Businesses eligible for this criteria have a diversity plan in place that includes internal hiring/promotional measures or in the process of developing a diversity and inclusion plan.

*SCSE will provide assistance in creating a D&I plan if needed

2. Priority Contracts w/Minority-Owned Businesses

  • Are you committed to seeking inquiries with minority-owned businesses where possible? Provide community outreach and let’s work together to find and build relationships with minority-owned businesses.

3. Internal Chart

  • Submit and provide a diversity plan if your company has one implemented, This can include, but not limited to: employees, management team, owners, etc. If you are in the process of creating one, please include D&I recruiting practices.

4. Opportunities of Continuing Education

  • Does your business provide and encourage opportunities for continuing education relevant to the field of work to employees? From non-credit CEUs to tuition reimbursement, are your employees able to gain industry knowledge through continuing education provided by your business?
  • If so, please submit your continuing education plan.

5. Audibility

  • Transparency and relationship building between your business, SCSE, and the underrepresented communities are of utmost importance to the mission of social equity in the hemp space.
  • Granted permission to audit your Diversity hiring plan, plus the above-listed criteria, is a full reflection of authenticity to the mission and your eligibility for the SECB credentialing badge.

6. Consent to Revoke Badge

  • SECB is here to support businesses that are or would like to be involved in the Social Equity initiative for the hemp industry. Though we are here for support and guidance, you are responsible for the criteria above.
  • If misrepresented evidence is provided and submitted SCSE/NHA has the authority to revoke your SECB badge at our discretion.

Why become a SECB participant?

 PG believes that Social Equity stands in the gap of exclusion by lowering barriers through investment in BIPOC businesses that lead to a sustainable path towards significant participation and benefit within the cannabis industry.


Faye Coleman

CEO, Pure Genesis

Social equity signifies justice and fairness, and within the cannabis industry, this is an even more complex concept when faced with the historical racial injustice created by the War on Drugs. Being a certified woman-owned business, we hope to encourage women to follow their dreams and not to be discouraged or to allow for disparities because of gender. Being 50% owned by a Puerto Rican woman that has faced racial profiling and injustices from the war on drugs it is even more important to foster change towards the inclusion of diversity. By creating measures of accountability like the NHA badge program, we can begin to generate an impact to encourage a more inclusive industry.

Amanda Terpstra

Co-Founder, Best Buds


We applied for the badge because it is seamlessly how we run our business.


Karen Gaston

CEO, Diamond Shine

If you would like to submit your application, please click the button below.

Applications will be reviewed Wednesdays after submission.

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