Standing Committee of International Hemp Organizations


It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since the formation of the NHA Standing Committee of Hemp Organizations (SCOHO) was formed! The purpose of the committee was, and continues to be, to provide a platform for other hemp organizations to come together in the spirit of collaboration to work on the pressing issues that face our industry. The Chair and Vice Chair of the committee serve two-year terms and this month while the core members remain the same, we have some new leadership to announce.

Welcome to our new chair, Samantha Walsh!

With that, we are thrilled to announce that SCOHO has elected Samantha Walsh as the new Chair of SCOHO. Samantha is the Vice President of the Colorado Hemp Association (COHA). She is an expert in public affairs strategies and legislative policy and who started the lobbying effort in Colorado that paved the way for the state to become the premier state in hemp.

Samantha isn’t new to the NHA, in addition to serving on the SCOHO committee for the past two years, she also co-founded the National Hemp Association, where she served as vice-chair and directed communications strategy; and managed the organization’s legislative agenda for industrial hemp.

On her election Samantha said, “I’m very excited to continue building on the work we’ve done as a committee and that Joe Kirkpatrick has led for the last two years. SCOHO provides a great resource for hemp organizations across the country and that work is critical as we work to build a cohesive and successful hemp industry”

Welcome to our new vice-chair, Marc Grignon!

Marcus Grignon is Director at Hempstead Project Heart, and the Technical Assistance Specialist with NiiJii Capital Partners, Inc, a native community development financial institution. His professional career includes service as an advocate in the public sector, both in Congress and the Small Business Administration. His work in Washington, D.C., Santa Fe, NM, and throughout Wisconsin have included food security, community organizing, youth development, state and federal public policy, business development, tribal government, political management, and farming. He is an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation in Keshena, Wisconsin. He holds a double Associate’s Degree in Tribal Law and Sustainable Development from the College of Menominee Nation and a Bachelor’s Degree in Democracy and Justice Studies with a minor in First Nations Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Hempstead Project Heart is a native-led non-profit dedicated to redeveloping thriving hemp economies in the tribal, urban, and rural communities throughout the United States.


Thank you Joe
Since its inception, SCOHO had been Chaired by Joe Kirkpatrick, President of the TN Growers Coalition. We would like to take this moment to thank Joe for his years of service. It is no easy thing to launch a committee and keep it unified with members from all across the country with varying views. By all accounts it has been a successful couple of years with all of the original organizations remaining engaged members of the committee.
While Joe is going to remain and active member of SCOHO, he has decided not to seek reelection and to step aside to allow others to have the opportunity to provide some fresh leadership and energy to the group.

Jacob Wadell, President of the USHBA, will continue to serve in his role as Secretary/Treasurer of SCOHO.

With such dynamic leadership in place, we can all expect to see great things coming out of the NHA Standing Committee of Hemp Organization over the next couple of years!