Standing Committee of International Hemp Organizations


Mission Statement
After a review and consultation with hemp organizations around the globe looking to advance a hemp organization, legislation, research, and regulations – the Board of the National Hemp Association officially adopted the establishment of a permanent Standing Committee (SCIHO) with a mandate of addressing these issues. Co-Chaired by Cree Crawford, Holly Bell, and Pablo Falla, NHA SCIHO has already received confirmation of participation from entities around the globe.
There are no fees to join, only a commitment to raising up our industry to its highest level of integrity, professionalism, and support of the industry in their market. If you are an organized professional hemp organization based OCONUS (outside the continental united states).

Countries Representing SCIHO








El Salvador

Costa Rica


United Kingdom



MHIRA was established under the Malaysian government Registrar of Society since March 2016.  MHIRA was established to enable the community to learn about Green Technology and Hemp related Industries.

Visit MHIRA official website for more info.

National Albanian Hemp Industry Association

The National Albanian Hemp Industry Association is a new non-profit organization which aims at:

• Campaigning for the legalization and development of industrial hemp culture in Albania, in full compliance with the best EU and US standards.

• Campaigning for the introduction into the Albanian society and the Albanian Cannabis culture market, such as medicine and food, in full compliance with the best EU and US standards. 

• Coordination between local and international operators on the transfer of hemp culture and cannabinoid technology in Albania.

Best Crops

Hemp Producer  focusing in the cultivation of smokable CBD cannabis flower keeping the THC under the 0.3 , our goal is to have a full organic farm and focus  in the biomass production as well.



Pedoi Uganda

Development implementing and capacity building social Enterprise integrating conservation, community-focus company 

Polish Hemp Program (Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants National Research Institute)

Polish Hemp Program, which is part of Polish Scientific Institution – Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants. Polish Hemp Program was launched for the implementation of the industrial hemp varieties, technologies and products – developed and implemented at the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants. Institute plays crucial role in Hemp research, growing and processing in Poland. We have been working with hemp for 90 years.   

Beside scientific activity, having high class professionals and full technical backup we are also a producer of high quality industrial hemp sowing seeds, fiber and hurds. We provide our professional support in quality control and scientific advice. We own rights to several industrial hemp varieties for example Bialobrzeskie, Tygra, Henola which are very high scored by experts and farmers from many countries and continents.

Australian Hemp Council

The Australian Hemp Council is a seven-member national peak body made up of a single representative from the local industrial hemp association within each of our nation’s six states and the Northern Territory.

The AHC is a primarily grower and processor driven-and-funded organisation, focusing on addressing issues impacting the industry whilst engaging with Government and community. The members of the council are working to drive policies that will foster productivity of the Australian Hemp Industry with a specific focus on improving the industry’s capacity to compete at a global level, thus ensuring long term sustainability of a profitable industry.

Six key objectives of the Australian Hemp Council.

Communication & Industry Integrity

To be a clear voice for the industry, specifically on behalf of growers and processors and to ensure industry and product integrity is maintained.

Chemical Applications

Support applications for crop chemical permits.


Provide industry direction to research activities with the long term goal of establishing a research levy for the industry.

Industry Trends

Gather and collate industry information including areas of production, yields and number of licences while promoting the distribution of new agronomic knowledge.

Lobbying & State Regulation

Lobbying the Federal Government to ease restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp including production, processing and selling of food, fibre, fodder and extracts (includes terpenes and cannabinoids other than THC) related to industrial hemp, and assisting with the national standardisation of State regulations.

Seed Certification

Support the establishment of PBR and seed certification systems including classification and tracing of planting seed with the view to reducing the need for crop testing to allow for easy shipping of seed throughout Australia.

Meet the Co-Chairs

Cree Crawford
Cree is an experienced life-sciences and technology executive with over a decade of practical work in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. He is the Founder and President of Chem-ID / Green Ocean Sciences, inc., the developers of Cann-ID, the unique C-DMS (chemical data management system) for commercial and government application. Cann-ID supports and helps to facilitate streamlined and transparent domestic and international commerce related to industrial hemp and cannabis related products.
His personal and professional journey has seen him in the forefront of support in the development of hemp programs throughout the world. His efforts and networking in our industry has garnered him a “thought leader” designation by many industry media groups and professionals. His hemp industry network spans from APAC to the EU/UK and over to North America and down through Central and South America. His ability to organize, pool resources and garner industry support from operators and government bodies internationally makes him a perfect candidate to Co-Chair the newly launched NHA – Standing Committee of International Hemp Organizations.
Cree currently resides in Texas with his wife and 2 children. He is a CAS Graduate of Georgetown University and holds Honorary Wing Commander title 149th TX-ANG @JBSA USAF.
Holly Bell
After a career in banking and financial services, Holly Bell consulted on cannabis business issues in numerous states. She worked to build the infrastructure to support the creation of Tennessee’s cannabis industry, following passage of that state’s industrial hemp legislation. A native of Indiana with family roots in northeast Florida, Holly earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Purdue University.
In her role as Director of Cannabis, Holly oversaw the development of rules and worked directly with scientific experts, and ensured Commissioner Nikki Fried’s vision for cannabis in Florida continues moving forward. She worked closely with the Department’s Division of Plant Industry, Food Safety, and AES on developing Florida’s hemp industry, including the production, processing, inspecting and manufacturing of industrial hemp. She also worked with the FL Dept. of Health as it related to medical marijuana edibles and consumer issues. Holly also worked closely with the industrial hemp and medical marijuana advisory committees as well as the Hemp Advisory Council.
Currently, Holly is Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Flora Growth where she will play a critical role in Flora’s domestic and global expansion strategy and lead government relations in key international markets.
Pablo Falla
Pablo graduated in Marketing at the University of Texas as a Colombian-born native. In the year 2000, he started in the real estate world by creating Prime American Homes. Pablo founded Best Brothers Coffee, serving as CEO to date in Costa Rica – Central America.
In 2018, Tropical Cannabis was founded, fundamentally thinking about cannabinoids and then moving towards the cultivation of industrial and food hemp with a global approach, being the CEO / Legal Representative of the company. The main focus of tropical Cannabis is the stabilization and tropicalization of genetics for Latin America and the Caribbean. Consequently, Tropical Hemp R.I.L. was founded in Central America, particularly in Costa Rica, and in North America with Tropical Hemp Corp, whose development has been staggered to the production of finished products, with brands and licenses for wholesale distribution and for sale to retailers.
Tropical Farmers Corp. was founded in 2021 as growers in North America for research, with alliances with different universities in the country, for industrial and food hemp crops, being located and operating in Ocala – Florida. Tropical Hemp is our most recent project, with great projections, we have overcome many of the challenges that arise when expanding our region.