Americans want to drink less alcohol. A recent study by NCSolutions found that one in three Americans were trying to drink less in 2023. In large part, this effort can be attributed to greater awareness of the downsides of alcohol.

Cutting down on alcohol isn’t easy though. Most holiday celebrations revolve around alcohol. And many people rely on alcohol to reduce stress. Because giving up alcohol or even imbibing less of it can be so difficult, alcohol alternatives are crucial for abstaining.

Well, it turns out THC drinks make for a highly effective alcohol alternative, according to a recent survey by THC seltzer manufacturer Crescent Canna.

THC Seltzer Survey: Key Findings

The survey, which collected responses from 131 THC seltzer customers, offers a glimpse into changing consumer habits and suggests that THC beverages may be about to transform the beverage industry as a whole.

The results indicate that THC beverages are emerging as a significant player in reshaping the relationship that consumers have with alcohol.

Check out how THC beverage consumers responded to the survey below.

69% have reduced their alcohol intake since trying THC drinks.

With more than two-thirds of respondents adjusting their drinking habits after trying THC seltzers, it’s safe to say that these drinks not only provide an alternative to alcohol but also encourage people to consume less of it.

The survey also found that THC drinks help individuals who are kicking alcohol out of their lives entirely. An additional 14% of respondents who were already sober before trying THC drinks reported that this alternative is helping them stay sober.

82% like THC drinks because of their effects.

Because THC drinks provide fast-acting and euphoric effects, they are an ideal replacement for alcohol. A resounding 82% of respondents consume THC beverages because they appreciate how they make them feel, confirming the growing appeal of the effects of cannabis-infused products.

66% choose THC drinks to avoid hangovers.

Many consumers hoping to avoid the headaches and fatigue that are a common aftermath of alcohol consumption find solace in the soothing effects of THC beverages. The majority of respondents, a striking 62%, like THC drinks because they don’t result in a hangover.

35% like the fact that THC drinks have fewer calories than alcohol.

35% of participants appreciate the benefits of “less calories or sugar,” showing that many are trying to make healthier choices, an important statistic from the study since THC drinks are considered to be a healthier option than alcohol.

61% like the taste of THC beverages.

Taste, a quintessential aspect of any beverage, emerged as a significant factor driving THC beverage consumption, with 61% of respondents citing it as a key reason. This suggests that the industry’s ability to deliver appealing flavors, alongside desired effects, will help them attract and maintain consumers.

These findings show that consumption of THC beverages is more than just a fad. The choices made by consumers reflect a conscientious effort to align their preferences with a holistic understanding of well-being, enjoyment, and health.

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