Although it has a bit of a complicated relationship with the law—because of its resemblance to marijuana—hemp flower is one of the safest products on the CBD market to buy.

But how to know what you are really ordering? Are the CBD levels in your flower really that high? Is it organic? Most importantly, is it legal in your state? Follow these steps to safely buy hemp flower online.

Check Your State Laws

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp—and all of its parts—became an agricultural commodity. Unlike marijuana, the crop is no longer considered a Schedule I drug, and hemp-derived CBD products are no longer controlled substances.

Each state has the obligation to set hemp laws and a state hemp program. This is the part when things get tricky for growers, manufacturers, and sellers in different states. Hemp and its parts are legal federally and more than 40 states have legalized hemp. But it’s not uncommon for hemp flower to be allowed in one state and banned in another.

This is because some states partly regulate the growing, manufacturing, and selling of hemp and its parts. For example, hemp is legal in California, but selling food that contains cannabidiol (CBD) is not. Delaware legalized hemp, but does not permit growing hemp in 2019 and cannot promise that a viable market will exist for growers. Other states such as Florida and Colorado, completely legalized the use of hemp and CBD products.

Many reasons stand behind the current fogginess of hemp legality. Most states are waiting on the official statement by the FDA regarding the use of hemp products. The FDA is yet to develop a regulatory pathway for the lawful use of hemp-derived CBD in foods and dietary supplements. So, some states have legalized hemp but put a hold on manufacturing and selling of hemp food products and dietary supplements.

While recreational cannabis users may seek out this effect, many people who could benefit from using cannabis medically are dissuaded from doing so because they consider this quality a negative side effect. For this reason, products made with CBD hemp flower is often the preferred medication of the two for children and people with mental illnesses who have qualifying conditions for using either.

Recent evidence has shown a difference in the level of benefits produced from “whole plant” CBD hemp flower and products containing merely an extracted CBD isolate. This is believed to be due to the presence of supporting cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp flower, including small, non-psychoactive proportions of THC.

Regardless of the benefits sought, products containing the entire CBD hemp flower can increase those aspects and produce a more significant overall effect.

The Hemp Flower Ban

Unfortunately, a handful of states are in the process of or have already banned hemp flower. The reason for this is the similarity between CBD flower and marijuana buds. The similarity makes it difficult for law enforcement to discern smokable hemp from marijuana. Although the ban may not be permanent in some states, there are a few that are considering to turn it into law.

This is why it is important to check your state laws before buying hemp flower. Although hemp and all of its parts are legal federally and in most states, (yes, it is legal to mail hemp), you should check the hemp laws in your state before buying.

What to Look for When Buying Hemp Flower Online

Here is what to look for when buying hemp flower online (or anywhere really):

Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis (CoA) reveals the levels of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes in your hemp flower. It also reveals if your hemp flower is grown in a clean, pesticide-free environment. A CoA is issued by a third-party independent lab and is performed on each batch.

Impeccable Customer Service

You should be able to call your hemp flower vendor or contact them during their working hours to answer your questions. If you are not able to find a phone number that works, consider that as a huge red flag. If there is no one to answer your questions, look for another vendor (you can reach M-F 10am-4:00pm EST at 833-387-7579).

Packages Include Notice to Law Enforcement

As we’ve mentioned, the laws regarding hemp flowers are still murky. This is why in every package, reliable companies include third-party lab results and a notice to law enforcement. This is important because it protects the consumer and prevents the package from getting hold at customs.

Clean, Pesticide-Free Products

Was your hemp flower grown in a clean, pesticide-free soil? Companies that care about bringing quality products on the market have in-house testing and verify their products through independent, third-party labs. Third-party labs confirm the legal amount of THC, pesticides, and contaminants allowed in their products.

Quality Hemp Flower

Quality hemp flowers are trimmed, seedless, and stored in the right way. Since there is no way for you to see your CBD flower before ordering, you can always look at reviews or contact the company to ask for more info.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Every company that cares about its customers and believes in the quality of their products should offer 30-day money-back guarantee. So, make sure to order from companies that build trust with customers.

How to Buy High CBD Hemp Flower

There are a couple of more things to check if you want to choose the right strain for you, including:

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that determine the taste and smell of the CBD flower. Out of more than 100 terpenes in hemp, ten comprise the plant’s main profile. Each terpene has its unique taste and therapeutic benefits. So, if you are looking for hemp flower for anxiety, look for a-pinene, linalool, or limonene dominant strain. For pain and inflammation, look for b-caryophyllene and myrcene.

CBD Levels

It goes without saying, but one of the most important things when looking for a CBD flower are the actual levels of CBD in your flower. CBD flowers with more than 10 percent of CBD tend to be more potent, so make sure to go for higher average levels of CBD, such as 14-15 percent.

Where to Safely Buy Hemp Flower Online

If you are looking to buy hemp flower, especially wholesale, make sure the hemp flower is sourced from the best farms. MrHempFlower offers wholesale CBD hemp flower sourced from the best in Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado.

We work directly with licensed USA Farmers and manufacture our own products. We understand that hemp is a unique plant and requires special care, which is why we work with farmers that have been in the business for more than five years and have created the absolute best hemp strains in the USA.

This content is provided as a membership benefit to our valuable business level members. Due to several factors including the variances in state hemp laws and the differences in interpretation of federal law, NHA makes no warrants of the legality, efficacy or safety of any product, service or statement made by any third party.

We encourage all members and the general public to do their own due diligence on any business or product, and understanding their state’s and federal laws, before choosing to purchase any product or contracting for any service.