National Hemp Association is the first hemp non-profit organization to partake in a digital badge certification program. This badge certification program will not only be an additional benefit to our members, from Individual to Business, but it will protect and verify NHA representatives and members of the organization through credentialing measures.

This initiative is a response to provide our Members, stakeholders, and the public with comfort that they are interacting with a National Hemp Association Member. “Certified NHA” will help address the ongoing issues of digital security and servicer authentication.

To view the National Hemp Association badges through the Acclaim website by Credly, please click hereYou may verify Members and Representatives ONLY through the Acclaim by Credly website ( Please report any fraudulent or manipulated NHA badges to

If you are not a member, but would like more information on Membership, please click the button below.

For members who need additional information or guidance on how to accept your verified badge, please follow the instructions below or in your Welcome email from the National Hemp Association via Acclaim. Please add on your Safe Sender list.

One of the core benefits of association membership is access to a community of like-minded organizations and individuals who come together to network, learn, and grow. With its new digital credentials on Credly, National Hemp Association expands the reach and potential impact of its community with verified proof of membership.

Jonathan Finkelstein

CEO, Credly