Why Gold?

Why Cannabis-Based Businesses?

by Dr. Denise Elizabeth Hall

Mother Earth Reverence Farms & Ministries (MERF) holds seven pillars of cannabis-based self-sustainability and self-reliance, as an intentional community, called Green Pastures AgriVillages (AgrihoodsGlobal.com)! This short article lends illumination to the sixth pillar, which is participation in a “sound, independent, international financial system for products and services” (zero debt)! This is absolutely relevant, for the 21st century global context!

First, and in a succinct manner, I will share why gold is a wise consideration for individuals, families, and especially businesses. Then, it will serve to also share why the ‘cannabis-business market sector’ must consider gold vital, from its chronicled use in human civilization, is a medium of exchange for goods and services, for over 5,000 years!

Why Gold? According to Harald Seiz, The Future of Money , “Gold is a precious metal and a resource; it’s both jewelry and a commodity; it is a historical means of payment and an anchor for currencies” (p.98). Gold (AU, 79) is a sound, and relatively rare chemical element. Its properties, as placed on the Periodic Table, lends to its significance. Pure gold is bright, shiny, and red-tinged yellow, “dense, soft, malleable, and ductile” (Wikipedia, Gold). Gold is non-toxic, insoluble, and non-corrosive.

For millennia, gold is known to have been valued, by many cultures of the ancient world, especially the Egyptians (e.g. King Tutankhamen). The ‘take-away point’ here is that gold, as a precious metal, has been held in high esteem, for most of human civilization. Gold has and continues to hold value, around the world, even today!

When it comes to wealth and assets, it is with those who secure gold, as well as land, who are able to leverage, as well as secure wealth most efficiently and effectively. This understanding of wealth, as gold, is known throughout the entire world! The challenge for most of the world’s population is gold’s accessibility and acquisition opportunities to secure gold, as a viable asset, in today’s global economics.

Why Gold? What if there was available transaction-friendly physical gold bars (“sound”), in small increments, that contained security forensic features of self-authentication (“secure”), accessed worldwide (“international”), and, if desired delivered by FedEx directly to your door (“independent”)? This is exactly what Karatbars International offers to the 99%, the masses of us, who have for too long, been held in ‘economic indebted slavery’! I am not an economist or financial advisor, yet I do follow Mike Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Sinclair, and lvin Austin, Jr., just to name a few, who are global economic experts.

Why must cannabis-based businesses consider utilizing gold, as a medium of exchange for goods and services? When Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International GmbH in 2011, he was driven by vision, to provide every single person, on the planet, in each of the 194 countries of the world, with the opportunity to acquire gold, even in the smallest gram units! At this time, Seiz has created a sound, independent, international financial system (platform) for goods and services, in over 120 countries worldwide!

Gold is now available to the masses (99%), with owning a crisis-proof and inflation-protected means of payment (Karatbars International, How a Vision Became Worldwide Reality)! For hempsters, this is ‘divine perfection unfolding’, to have a financial system independent of central banks! How many of us have dealt with the debt-driven central banking system, where regular financial transactions are often legally or financially unattainable, or strapped with embedded fees along with much red tape?

Karatbars International GmbH, is an e-commerce company, with a simple wealth building system with three primary ways to participate: 1) Accumulate gold with the complete registration of a free international gold acquisition account; 2) Accumulate gold and invite others to do the same to earn commissions; and/or 3) Obtain a business package to obtain position in a Dual Team Affiliate System on a weekly and monthly basis.

The principle activities of Karatbars International are production, marketing, and safekeeping of physical gold in the smallest units, starting from a mass of only 0.1 gram! Karatbars International has developed a variety of innovative products with 1 gram bars incorporated into them, such as the Branding Karatbar ®, Collector Karatbar ®, Special Karatbar ®, or the unique Karatbar Coin ®. These products are marketed on fair terms and with considerable success!

Karatbars International proudly declares Harald Seiz’ vision, the Karatbars ® idea, gaining recognition in just a few years following inception. Today, Karatbars International is the market leader in the segment of gold bars between one (1) and six (6) grams. The global reach of these innovative products are available in more than 120 countries, and now, through KaratPay, available e-commerce options are available on mobile devices!

Thus, with this zero debt financial platform, hempters, along with business colleagues, now have a revolutionary system to create and secure generational legacy wealth! This is vital information, upon realizing the declining purchase power of sovereign currencies, throughout the world! Most recently, Seiz has embarked upon the cryptocurrency system linked to the company’s physical gold, where, by the way, cryptocurrency is one of the new media of financial exchange system for the 21st century. In my opinion, within a short timeframe, central banks will no longer keep the masses strapped with insurmountable debt, especially emerging countries, and their respective market sectors.

An important component of company policy is Karatbars ® International GmbH headquarters, located in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart is one of the most powerful economic regions in Europe! Company headquarters directs and controls activities in this location, including developing new ideas. Karatbars ® products are shipped, by FedEx, from Stuttgart, to across the world!

K-EXCHANGE – The Karatbars ® Concept & Beyond
Owning gold, even the smallest quantities, has been a welcomed means of payment for millennia. Most notably in times of crisis, such as during hyperinflation, gold owners were on the safe side. Why not even use gold as a means of exchange in normal circumstances to “purchase” (acquire) goods and services?
The concept of the “K-Exchange Center” is directly based on that previous point, with offering it to companies worldwide and already being used by a community of more than 500,000 business partners!

How Companies Can Become A K-Exchange Center
The basic conditions for being listed as K-Exchange Center, are:
Own a company that offers goods and/or services, as well as;
Accepting Karatbars ® gold for its products.

Incidentally, the size of one’s company, turnover, or the number of employees is irrelevant. Karatbars ® International GmbH reserves the legality, on behalf of all K-Exchange Centers and business partners, to verify the joining company, regarding respectability and accountability.

Benefits As A K-Exchange Center
Customers are able to directly exchange Karatbars ® gold with your company for goods and/or services, at the price offered.
As a registered K-Exchange Center, your company will become a part of a global community of currently more than 500,000 business partners at www.Karatbars.com! There is opportunity to introduce the company, using a logo and images, and be discovered by others.
Your company can even profit to a much greater extent from this concept. This ranges from bonus cards for clients, who are entitled to reduced prices on gold acquisitions, to a directly market your company’s own online shop solution within a secured portal.

Visit www.WealthLegacyGlobal.com, for more information. Message me on LinkedIn or Facebook, or revdrdenisehall@gmail.com, or 970.714.1284 for direct connection.

Best to you and yours, Doc D!

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