The Hemp Packaging Problem

Whichever climate you grow in, a seasoned grower knows that hemp degrades when not packaged properly. This makes it essential for a hemp grower’s packaging choice to NOT be a last-minute decision but rather a strategic decision in order to best preserve their hemp flowers’ medicinal terpene profile benefits as well as eliminate hemp product moisture loss. Protecting hemp flower product from the three biggest adversaries of cannabis: UV light, moisture loss, and exposure to oxygen is essential from cultivation to consumption since in each step of the cannabis supply chain, there is a high chance of your hemp product degrading and losing quality if not protected from these adversaries. This becomes a constant pain point for hemp growers especially on the smokable hemp side of the market where consistent product quality is an essential element of brand value when there are many competitors appearing in the hemp space. Once you have your cured buds ready, there is one thing that you can do to ensure that you sleep well at night: PROPER packaging.

The Hemp Packaging Solution

Quality hemp flower for consumption deserves packaging that preserves a hemp grower’s hard work in order for them to share with their customers exactly what they grew. A key way to do just that is by leveraging the functionality of atmospheric packaging solutions to store your product in order to preserve the full spectrum of terpenes, retain weight, and, perhaps above all, prevent mold. Humidity control storage bags like Grove Bags TerpLoc® packaging are engineered to ensure that humidity is maintained at an optimal level in spite of fluctuations in the outside environment. This also happens without any humidity packs or extra effort from the grower’s end since the packaging leverages the moisture of the hemp flower itself to activate the packaging’s internal micro-climate. Modified atmospheric packaging such as Grove Bags are unique in that the packaging maintains the exact humidity level that is ideal for cannabis between 58% and 62% relative humidity So, how does atmospheric packaging retain weight, prevent mold, and preserve terpenes and cannabinoids? Packaging science is to thank! For example, all of the packaging solutions at Grove Bags are engineered with TerpLoc®, a multi-layer film that actively regulates the oxygen and water vapor levels within the bag, by constantly in-gassing and out-gassing, allowing the cannabis to breathe and continue to cure, creating the perfect micro-climate for your product without the need for humidity packs to extend the shelf life of hemp flower.

Conclusion: Implementing Functional Hemp Packaging is KEY

The team at Grove Bags truly believes that implementing functional packaging enhances a hemp grower’s brand, and allows them to make a more potent impression over time with their customer market. And from a revenue standpoint, all it means is that the grower’s top-line revenue is increased since they are actually selling every gram as a full gram because they have a less than 1% weight variance. Lastly, in terms of hemp growers’ branding and overall product quality, the leading hemp brands are cementing their relationship with their customers via a beautifully curated package that is environmentally friendly, yet also effectively protects and enhances their hemp flower product’s strain aroma, flavor, & medicinal benefits of the terpenes.

In Conclusion

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Written by Chaz Hermanowski 

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